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Perinatal Neonatal Quality Collaborative

Sponsored by the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's Maternal and Child Health Division, the Perinatal Collaborative began in 2006 with its mission to create perinatal units that deliver care safely and reliably with zero preventable adverse outcomes.

The Neonatal Collaborative was formed with goals to reduce healthcare-associated infections through the implementation of evidence-based preventive care practices, decrease neonatal mortality, chronic lung disease and length of stay. Additionally there has been a concentration to include improving teamwork and communication through the implementation of team behaviors, including the family, into neonatal care.

In 2011 the two groups came together and formed the Perinatal/Neonatal Learning Network. Our results from these initiatives show reduced elective birth inductions and elective C-sections < 39 weeks without medical indication decreasing 76 percent and 100 percent respectively (see graphs below). In addition, the work of the Neonatal Collaborative showed improvements in many of the areas of bundle compliance and clinical outcomes (see graph below). These and other accomplishments from the Perinatal and Neonatal Collaborative are contributing to Maryland's decreasing infant mortality rate. 

Getting to Zero: NEC and NEC-Related Mortality
Hand Hygiene in the NICU

Hypertension in Pregnancy
Patient Safety in the NICU: The Unique Issues and Strategies for Safe Practice
Perinatal Mood Disorders: Healthy Mom, Happy Family
Obstetric Hemorrhage - The Role of Hypertensive Disorders as a Risk Factor (Recording)
Obstetric Hemorrhage - The Role of Hypertensive Disorders as a Risk Factor (Slides)
Creating an Ignite Presentation (Recording)
Maryland Patient Safety Center Perinatal/Neonatal Learning Network Summer Reunion
June 11, 2015

Trends, Treatments and Outcomes of Opioid Use in Pregnancy
The Role of Probiotics in Preventing NEC: Should This Therapy be Standard of Care?
Improving Healthcare Response to PPH: Why We Must Keep Watching and Working
Preventing First C-Sections
        Ignite Presentations:
        PPH: We Don't Need NO Stinkin' Blood
        NICU Individual Compliance Metrics

Maryland Patient Safety Center Perinatal/Neonatal Learning Network Winter Reunion
December 4, 2014

March of Dimes Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait Recognition Program
The Greater Baltimore Medical Center Experience in Setting up a Donor Milk Program
NICU Donor Milk Program
NICU Breast Pumping Program
National OB Hemorrhage Patient Safety Bundle

Ignite Presentations

Implementation of Mock Drills in a Community Hospital Setting Union of Cecil County
Perinatal Mental Health: Mothering the Mother Georgetown University Hospital
CCHD Screening: Year 1 Anne Arundel Medical Center
Ebola Virus Disease: Perinatal Outcomes and Critical Preparations at Home Shady Grove Medical Center
Timing of Newborn Pulse Oximetry Screenings for Critical Congenital Heart Defect Rates Prior to Discharge
Improving Mother's Own Milk Supply in a Tertiary Care NICU
Family Centered C-Section Driving Change: The Power of One Family

Maryland Patient Safety Center Perinatal/Neonatal Learning Network Reunion
June 26, 2014

Stop NEC
Where We Are and Where We Have Been
Oral Health Care During Pregnancy: A Patient Safety Perspective
OB Hemorrhage: A Collaborative Approach to Standardization

Risks, Referrals and Readmissions:  Improving Care of Post Delivery Mothers and Newborns
December 3, 2013

DHMH and the Postpartum Infant and Maternal Referral Process
Maryland's Commitment to Breastfeeding: Begin with an End in Mind
Hand Hygiene in the NICU - It's Everyone's Business
Positive Change to Impact Neonatal Care
Never Alone: Perinatal Palliative Care
Maternal Mortality, A Personal Story
Speaking Out for Maternal Health In Washington DC
Giving Birth Safely
Birthrights: The Risk of Choice
Patient Safety Nurse - A Role Defined and Implemented
NICU Safety Rounds
The Shady Grove Adventist Hospital NICU: Our Patients' Experience Improvement Strategies
To Fly or Not to Fly
Golden Hour Checklist: Facilitating Consistent Care
You Want Us to Do WHAT?
MPSC 3RsToolkit
3Rs: Risks, Referrals and Readmissions
Neonatal Risk Assessment Tool
Perinatal Risk Assessment Tool
DHMH Referral Guidelines Poster