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Maryland Patient Safety Center
2019 Top Twenty Minogue Award for Patient Safety Innovation Submissions

Poster # Title Submitter(s)
Minogue Award
Decreasing Hospital-Acquired C-Diff Infections while Implementing the Early Discharge of Patients Robert Yocubik, RN, BSN, MSM; Director of Quality; Mary Ellen Beideman, RN, MSN; Infection Preventionist and Anna Oberste, PharmD: Atlantic General Hospital
Distinguished Achievement Award
Leading the Patient Safety Charge - Keeping Our Patients Wound Free Leigh Smith, RN; Director of Quality and Patient Safety and Barbara Quinn, RN; Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Specialty Hospital
Circle of Honor
Climbing the Ranks: How the Implementation of the NWH Survival Committee Led to Improved Survival Rates Danielle Geier, RN, MSN; Patient Safety Outcomes Coordinator; Northwest Hospital
Circle of Honor
Decreasing Percentage of Postponed Discharges Kristen Pruitt, LCPC, MPA, NCC; Clinical Manager PHP and Intensive Outpt. Program; Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center
Circle of Honor
Enhanced Recovery after Colorectal Surgery Vivek Patil, MD; Surgeon and Project Lead; Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Medical Center
Circle of Honor
Signaling Sepsis: Sepsis Collaborative Leverages Dissemination Efforts Jeanne DeCosmo, RN, BSN, MBA; Director, Clinical Quality; MedStar Health
Circle of Honor
Utilizing Information Technology to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism Elliott Haut, MD, PhD, FACS; Vice Chair of Quality and Patient Safety Service; Johns Hopkins Medicine
Circle of Honor
Using the American College of Surgeons' Sponsored Improving Surgical Care and Recovery Program Bernadette Boalt- Watson, RN, Performance Improvement Coordinator; University of MD Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Circle of Honor
Centering Parenting: It Takes a Village Emma Mancini, MD and Esther Liu, MD; Chair of Pediatrics; University of MD Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Circle of Honor
Implementing a Predictive Analytics Tool to Reduce Mortality Andrea Earl, RN, BSN; Quality and Patient Safety Coordinator and Christine Sullivan, RN, MS; Nursing Informatics Specialist; Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Obstetrical Hemorrhage Prevention: Continued Successes and Opportunities Andrea Earl, RN, BSN; Quality and Patient Safety Coordinator; Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Reducing Falls with Injury with a Case Study Approach Janice Marlett, RN, MSN; Clinical Nurse Specialist; Stephen Beskid BSN, RN; Staff Nurse; Denis Prudencio BSN, RN;Nurse Educator and Rose Sebastian MS, RN; Nurse Educator; Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Decrease Patient Outlier Rate Related to Wound Healing Naomi Oliker, MBA; Director; Center for Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at Adventist Healthcare Washington Adventist Hospital
Neonatal Antibiotic Therapy with Chorioamnionitis Michele Schwartzmann, RN, MSN; Director Women’s Services; Adventist Healthcare Washington Adventist Hospital
Falls and Injury Reduction -- An Old School Approach Deedee Smith-Foster, RN, MSN; Performance Improvement Coordinator & Patient Experience; Fort Washington Medical Center

Process Improvement Collaborative to Reduce Healthcare Associated C.diff Lisa Hargett, MPH, CIC; Director of Infection Prevention and Theresa Anderson MS, RN, CIC Senior Coordinator for Infection Prevention; U of MD St. Joseph Medical Center
Guardian Program Carol Ann Sperry, RN; Director, Emergency and Critical Care Services; U of MD Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Reducing Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Anne Weekley, RN; Director of Quality/Performance Improvement and Sharon Khoo, MS, CCC-SLP; Manager, Rehabilitation Services; U of MD Charles Regional Medical Center

UM Rehab & Ortho Daily Actions for Success Huddle (DASH) Kate Keefer, RN; PI Manager; U of MD Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute
HPV Community Outreach Education: HPV Cancer Prevention Vaccination Laurie Fitzgerald, RN; Director, Clinical Oncology Programs; U of MD Upper Chesapeake Medical Center