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Condition H Collaborative

Engaging patients and families as integral members of the healthcare team is an essential step in delivering high-quality, safe patient care.  The Condition Help (Condition H) program empowers patients and/or family members who become concerned with the patient’s status to initiate a call for immediate help from the facility’s Rapid Response team (RRT).

The Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC) is offering support and resources to help all Maryland hospitals embed the Condition H program as part of their RRT efforts.  For one year, seven Maryland hospitals participated in a Condition H pilot program with implementation support from the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care and funding from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Their experiences are being shared with other hospitals and the lessons they learned are being used to create a tool kit that hospitals can use to establish their own Condition H program.  In fact, in September 2009, more than 75 healthcare providers representing 22 hospitals were brought together by MPSC to learn about Condition H and the findings of the pilot program .

Drawing from the experiences of UPMC, pilot hospitals, and national experts, MPSC is providing  support, communications tools, and education for implementing Condition H in hospitals across the state.  The Center is collecting data on codes outside ICU, the number of Condition H calls made, the total number of  RRT calls, and mortality data to help guide initiatives.  A comprehensive tool kit will be available here in Spring 2010.

Note: The Condition H Toolkit is available for download.

For more information about the Condition H program, contact:

Janel  Handy
Project Coordinator
Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care
6940 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 420
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: 410-872-9642