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Perinatal Collaborative Stories


Holy Cross Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital has largest number of obstetric deliveries and the largest neonatal intensive care unit in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Prior to joining the Maryland Patient Safety Center Perinatal Collaborative, the Hospital team had begun working on “common language” for fetal monitoring, team training, and critical event training using simulations, in obstetrics. By joining the Collaborative, the hospital received additional support and tools to further develop these key areas.

A major benefit of the Collaborative, for the Holy Cross, has been the ability to network with other professionals throughout the state. “Developing personal relationships with physician leaders, nurse leaders, and others in similar as well as dissimilar hospitals has been invaluable,” noted Ann Burke, M.D., Medical Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Holy Cross Hospital.

“For instance, when we look at the policy regarding the 39-week minimum for induction and augmentation, we can say that it isn’t just Holy Cross enforcing such a policy – this is being done at many, if not most of our area hospitals. Having that kind of weight behind the policy is one of the most significant benefits we have derived.”

The Collaborative has also provided motivation and impetus to expand upon Holy Cross’s critical event team training, according to Dr. Burke. Such training has now been extended to the facility’s high risk perinatal center and maternity suites (post-partum area). “The critical event team training, which began in the labor and delivery unit, has served as a seed to other hospital units—maternity suites, high risk perinatal, and, now pediatrics—and I anticipate this to continue spreading throughout the hospital,” said Burke.

Dr. Burke is proud of the efforts put forth by hospitals in Maryland. “Really, the state of Maryland has done something that few, if any, other states have done – this is worth acknowledging. Although we certainly have room for more progress, this is a good step toward doing better.”