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The PFACQS® Program

The Maryland Patient Safety Center is proud to announce a new program, The PFACQS® Program, which has been designed to help organizations take their patient and family engagement strategies to the next level with a focus on improving outcomes, reducing costs, promoting transparency and reinforcing staff joy and meaning in healthcare work.

While many health care systems have invested in patient and family advisory councils to ensure patient-centered care and patient satisfaction, very few have recognized the full potential of these councils to improve core quality and safety measures as well as operational and financial performance.

Elevating and Sustaining Patient and Family Advisory Councils for Quality and Safety (PFACQS®)

The PFACQS® program consists of two workshops: An Assessment and Planning workshop followed by a Building and Action workshop. After going through the on-site training workshops, your organization will have the tools and strategies necessary to:

  • Quickly assess and prioritize patient and family engagement activities and opportunities
  • Provide governance and orient the C-Suite to the PFACQS® model
  • Form a PFACQS® Steering Committee or Project Team
  • Develop and manage charters, covenants and conflict of interest disclosures
  • Effectively recruit, train and retain PFACQS® members
  • Execute PFACQS® projects directly tied to quality and safety outcome measures
  • Promote, market and track PFACQS® impact and results
The PFACQS® Program is in collaboration with the Center for Engaging Patients as Partners at the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety, under the direction of Center Director, Armando Nahum

Additional information can be found in our PFACQS® Program Brochure & The Road to Success

PFACQS® Program Testimonials
“Last Summer, we were given the goal of starting a Patient and Family Partnership Council. We were lucky enough to get guidance from Armando Nahum. Our Management Team was introduced to this new concept and helped guide us through the mountain of information needed to start our group. In addition, the “Office Hours” calls gave us perspective and insight into the struggles and accomplishments from other hospitals going through similar situations that we were. The tools, which were modified for our Hospital, along with the coaching during our building phases were extremely beneficial to our start-up and ongoing success.”
- Manager, Hospitality Services at Butler Memorial Hospital

“Armando Nahum has been a valuable resource as we have established our PFAC. The education and tools available assisted us in creating a solid foundation to build upon.” - Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Eastside Medical

“Armando Nahum enthusiastically engaged with our organization to provide direction and resources that were critical in the successful launch of our PFAC. Armando offered a passionate, responsive and collaborative approach to coaching our team. The insight and accountability strengthened our efforts and helped us in reaching our council implementation goal date. We recommend this program to any organization who is looking for proven strategies and accountability in order to launch a new council or take their current council to the next level.” - Guest Relations Specialist, SwedishAmerican Hospital, A Division of UW Health

“The patient advisory council that Armando Nahum helped us build, gave us insight into why families and other visitors often ignored our isolation guidelines. Our signage design and language was created to notify healthcare workers rather than inform the public. Our patient council worked with our infection control team to redesign our signage in order to better educate and appeal to visitors.” - Chief Medical Officer, MacNeal Hospital